6YL-120 screw oil press machine

Model: 6YL120



Weight: 1500kg

Dimension: 2000*1600*2700mm

Type: cold press model

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1. Screw oil press machine is specially for cold and hot press. The material was push by the press screw and squeezing during the pushing by the different capacity of the press kettle, the oil will discharge from the space of the cage bar or the oil pocket. After the vacuum oil filter, the quality of the oil can be reached to the cooking grade.

2. Screw model oil presser can work with peanut, sunflower seed, flaxseed, rapeseed, mustard seed, soybean and so on. It equipped the L type oil cake feeding system, can realize the second time press automatically, save labor and improve the oil yield. The machine also equipped the vacuum oil filter, make the oil directly to cooking grade. It is the main equipment for the oil mill and oil factory.


1. Big power pure copper motor offers stronger power to the machine, can press the material completely, improve the oil yield

2. Gear box adopt the helical gear structure to improve the working efficiency, low noise and working smoothly.

3. Vacuum oil filter equipped, makes the oil directly to the cooking grade.

4. L type oil cake feeding system, realize the second times press automatically, save labor and improve the oil yield.

Technical Specification

Model: 6YL120
Capacity: 120-160kg/H
Power 15KW
Weight: 1500kg
Rotating speed: 60-100Rpm
Dimension: 2000*1600*2700mm
Pacakge: Wooden box with film

Our service


1.We will test and adjust before we send the machine, make sure it can be used with confidence after receiving it.

2.We accept the customized model.


1). The equipment guarantee period is one year, During guarantee period, the seller will provide maintenance free service.(Except the breakdown and destroy caused by person )

2). After receiving the inquiry for repairing the engineer of sell party will solve by phone and email, if necessary the engineer will go to solve the problem on the spot, the buyer should pay daily salary $100, also pay technical visa cost, round trip tickets, rooms and meals.

3). During the quality guarantee period, if it is the quality problem (except easily damaged parts), the cost for maintenance and replace will be borne by sellers.

4). During guarantee period, the seller will not provide service of with compensation as follows:

(1)The damage caused by person ;

(2)The damage caused by improper operating.


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