6YL-160 screw oil presser

Model: 6YL-160

Power request: 30Kw

Capacity: 350-750kg/H

Weight: 1900kg

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The Lewin brand cold and hot press screw oil presser adopts high-tech technology of the gear box to improve the transfer efficiency. bigger vacuum pump filtration, rapid purification and automatic temperature control, which produces oil faster and high grade. The oil is good quality and beautiful in appearance. It can continuously working and squeeze variety of materials, easy to operate. L type oil cake feeding system realize the second times press automatically, Saving time and labor, improve the oil yield.

It can support cold and hot press, suitable for different material, such as peanut, sesame, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower seed, coconut, flax seed, sunflower seed, baobab seeds, shea butter, prickly pear seeds, cotton seeds, and so on.

It is the main equipment for the oil mill and oil factory.


1.Automatic 6YL series screw oil presser with vacuum filtration, fast purification and automatic temperature control technology.

2.High oil yield, about 3% higher than the average oil press, easy to install and operate.

3.The oil is purity and can be eaten directly after vacuum filtration.

4.L type oil cake feeding system can realize the second time press, improve the oil yield, save time and labor.

Technical Specification

Model 6YL-160
Capacity 350-750kg/H
Power 30KW
Weight 1900kg
Rotating speed 60-100Rpm
Dimension 2650*1900*2700mm
Pacakge Wooden box with film

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Lewin has been devoted to the research and manufacture of grain and oil machinery, backed by scientific research institutes and universities, guided by the idea of innovative breakthroughs and leading the trend, introduced and absorbed advanced technology at home and abroad, wholeheartedly developed, formed a sound production capacity of oil press, and has independent intellectual property rights.


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