6YY-355 model sesame hydraulic oil presser




Type:Cold & Hot Pressingdra

Raw Material:Sesame, walnut, nuts, avocado, olive, coconut, cocoa butter…

Package:Wooden case with film.(Customizable)

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Comany Introduction

Machine Introduction

This hydraulic oil press machine is the most advanced equipment and takes up less area.It is economic and environmental protection, stable and durable. This machine adopts automatic control system, hydraulic pressure control system and temperature control system. Our hydraulic oil presser can cold and hot press kinds of materials, like walnut, sesame, flax seed, avocado, almond, coconut, mustard, pomegranate seeds, mango kernel and etc. Our hydraulic press machine is very easy to operate. One person can operate multiple machines. It’s very suitable for the beginner and oil factory.

360° Display

Production process

Detail instruction and spare parts

hydraulic oil presser warehouse


1.The whole machine is made of alloy steel, which is very durable and has a long service life.

2.Small footprint, saving space.

3.Simple operation, only two buttons.High degree of intelligence, one person can operate several sets machine.

4.The working pressure of our machine can reach 60Mpa, and normally on the market only have 40-50Mpa.

5.The machine comes with a temperature control system to solve the problem of low oil yield in winter.

6.There are four safety devices, which are large screw, flat iron, pressure gauge and motor cover.The safety of the user is the first.

8.The oil line is very precise and perfect, only 0.36mm.It has a filtering effect to prevent oil residue from leaking out.

9.The worktable is very convenient to place oil cakes and cotton pads.It can save labor and time.

10.The piston is solid.It can make better press effect and increase the oil yield.

11.The motor is made of pure copper.It provides sufficient power for the double-pump system in the hydraulic tank.It makes the pressure rise faster and increase the oil output rate.

12.Fewer wearing parts, low cost, long service life.

Technical Specification

Model Capacity Power Voltage Working Pressure Dimension Weight Oil cake diameter
6YY-355 23kg/batch 3.0kw 220/380v 60MPa 1160x1200x1810mm 2350kg 355mm

Provide quality solution

Post-maintenance and after-sales

1.Professional engineer
Our professional engineer team offer the solution and technology support 7X24 hours.

2.Strictly quality inspect
Our inspection team will test the machine at least 3 times before shippment, make sure all the machine meet for the export standard.

The equipment guarantee period is one year, During guarantee period, the seller will provide maintenance free service.(Except the breakdown and destroy caused by person and force majeure).


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