6YL-180 spiral oil press machine

Model: 6YL-180

Power request: 37Kw

Capacity: 400-750kg/H

Weight: 1980kg

Fit for:Peanut, soybean, sesame, sunflower seeds, coconut, olive, hemp seeds,  black seeds and so on.

Type: cold press model

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Screw oil press is designed to meet the requirements of customers for oil production. The Lewin brand cold and hot press screw oil presser adopts high-tech technology of the gear box to improve the transfer efficiency. bigger vacuum pump filtration, rapid purification and automatic temperature control, which produces oil faster and high grade. The oil is good quality and beautiful in appearance. It has large processing capacity, high oil output rate, crystal and pure oil, no foam and no impurities. L type oil cake feeding system realize the second times press automatically, Saving time and labor, improve the oil yield. The automatic feeding elevator can fully realize production automation. It can continuously working and squeeze variety of materials, easy to operate.
It is the main equipment for the oil mill and oil factory.

It can support cold and hot press, suitable for different material, such as peanut, sesame, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower seed, coconut, flax seed, sunflower seed, baobab seeds, shea butter, prickly pear seeds, cotton seeds, and so on.

Working principle

The raw material enters from the hopper, and the spiral squeezer pushes the material forward. In the press process, the material is squeezed, and the oil will be discharged from the bar. After the vacuum filter system, the oil can reach edible level.


1.Intelligent control cabinet, one person can operate.

2.The motor power is large, which can provide more power and increase output.

3.Our screw press system use bar system, it can press material directly, no need heating in advance. Bar press system can press the material evenly, and reduce the oil residue to improve the oil yield.

4.Our squeeze screw is longer and thicker, it can press material thoroughly to improved oil yield.

5.L-shaped automatic feeding system, which can feed oil cake into hopper directly, press oil cake secondly to improve the oil yield.

6.The machine has its own vacuum filtration system, which can make the squeezed oil reach the edible oil level.The filter cloth has high density and high filtration accuracy.

7.The gearbox uses skew gears and high strength steel.It is wear-resistant, can reduce the failure rate, and prolong the service life.

8.There is an adjustment handle, which can adjust the thickness of the cake according to your desire.

9.There is a handle on the oil cake tank to prevent high temperature burns.

10.When the machine is stuck, the reverse button helps the machine to return normal use.

11.Avoid oil into the vacuum pump to destroy machine when the cylinder oil is full and reflow.

12.The baffle, blocking the place where the oil comes out of the oil pan, filters the oil residue.

13.The machine is made of alloy steel.It has good material and long service life.

Technical Specification

Model 6YL-180
Capacity 400-750kg/H
Power 37KW
Weight 1980kg
Rotating speed 60-100Rpm
Dimension 2700*2000*2700mm
Pacakge Wooden box with film

Company instruction

For over 25 years, Lewin people have been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of grain and oil machinery. Led by technology, guided by the idea of innovation and breakthrough, and with the concept of wholeheartedly serving customers' needs, on the basis of independent research and development, and further introducing and absorbing advanced domestic and foreign technologies, we have formed a complete production capacity for oil presses. We have 9 independent intellectual property rights, 39 utility model patents, and the entire series of products have passed the qualification inspection of the National Food Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, And has passed multiple certificates such as international EU CE certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, high-tech enterprise technology certificate, and strength factory certification. The products are best-selling both domestically and internationally, and are highly praised and trusted by users.

Our hydraulic oil presses, screw oil presses and refined filters have been exported to the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, China, Africa, South Asia and other countries and regions......

Post-maintenance and after-sales

1.Professional engineer Our professional engineer team offer the solution and technology support 7X24 hours.

2.Strictly quality inspect Our inspection team will test the machine at least 3 times before shippment, make sure all the machine meet for the export standard.

3.After-service The equipment guarantee period is one year, During guarantee period, the seller will provide maintenance free service.(Except the breakdown and destroy caused by person and force majeure).

With a serious and rigorous approach to quality and technology, and a persistent pursuit of serving customers wholeheartedly. The Lewin oil press has won the market and made true friends wherever it is sold.


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