6YL-110 hot screw oil press

Model: 6YL-110

Power request: 7.5Kw

Capacity: 160-240kg/H

Weight: 1150kg

Fit for:Peanut, soybean, sesame, sunflower seeds, coconut, olive, hemp seeds,  black seeds and so on.

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The Lewin Cooked Squeezing Bar Spiral Oil Press adopts an intelligent electromechanical integrated machine distribution box, which starts the automatic oil pressing system with one click and has automatic temperature control function. The oil produced through frying or heating and pressing has a strong aroma, high oil yield, large processing capacity, and fast speed; Optimize continuous pressing to improve oil yield, with good oil quality. The extracted oil does not foam or accumulate in the pot, and can be directly consumed or sold after filtration. Currently, it is mainly used for on-site processing in rural areas or urban areas, which makes production more transparent and reassures customers. Almost all oil crops can be squeezed by this oil press. Suitable for pressing peanut, rapeseed, sesame, soybean, Sunflower seed, walnut, cottonseed and other materials.
It is the main equipment for the oil mill and oil factory.


1.Automatic 6YL series screw oil presser with vacuum filtration, fast purification and automatic temperature control technology.

2.Adopting an intelligent electromechanical integrated machine distribution box, the automatic oil extraction system is started with one click, and has automatic temperature control function.

3.Strong oil aroma, high oil yield, large processing capacity, and fast speed.High oil yield, about 3% higher than the average oil press, easy to install and operate.

4.Almost all oil crops can be squeezed by this oil press.

5.The oil is purity and can be eaten.

Technical Specification

Model 6YL-110
Capacity 160-240kg/H
Power 7.5KW
Weight 1150kg
Rotating speed 45Rpm
Dimension 1800*1200*1550mm
Pacakge Wooden box with film

Company instruction

For over 20 years, Lewin people have been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of grain and oil machinery. Led by technology, guided by the idea of innovation and breakthrough, and with the concept of wholeheartedly serving customers' needs, on the basis of independent research and development, and further introducing and absorbing advanced domestic and foreign technologies, we have formed a complete production capacity for oil presses. We have 9 independent intellectual property rights, 39 utility model patents, and the entire series of products have passed the qualification inspection of the National Food Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, And has passed multiple certificates such as international EU CE certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, high-tech enterprise technology certificate, and strength factory certification. The products are best-selling both domestically and internationally, and are highly praised and trusted by users.

Our hydraulic oil presses, screw oil presses and refined filters have been exported to the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, China, Africa, South Asia and other countries and regions......

With a serious and rigorous approach to quality and technology, and a persistent pursuit of serving customers wholeheartedly. The Lewin oil press has won the market and made true friends wherever it is sold.


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